Call for Participation in FEC6 student workshop

The 6th FEC will take place from 15-17 October 2019 in Athens, Greece and has a special focus on “Wireless and Mobile clouds and mobile edge computing (MEC)”.

On Wednesday 16th of October, a student workshop is organized which aims at giving the opportunity to both the senior undergraduate and graduate (MSc and PhD level) students to learn how to design and execute experiments with Fed4FiRE+ facilities and tools.

The capacity of the workshop is limited to 30 participants. Registration is FREE, however due to room capacity limitations.


For registering and/or additional information, the interested students must send email at both (Dimitris Dechouniotis, National Technical University of Athens) and (Professor Symeon Papavassiliou, National Technical University of Athens).

Information Required for Registration:

  • Student First and Last Name:
  • Student Level (Undergraduate, MSc, PhD):
  • Institution/University:
  • School or Department:
  • Location:
  • Contact Info (E-mail):

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